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WPG Resources (WPG) is an Australian ASX-listed mineral resources company with advanced coal projects in South Australia.  WPG's wholly owned subsidiary, Spencer Gulf Ports Pty Ltd is proposing to develop state-of-the-art infrastructure to be built at Port Pirie to enable the transport, storage and export of iron ore and possibly other mineral commodities including coal to overseas markets.

The proposed Port Pirie facility represents a >$50 million investment by WPG, which will provide significant economic and community benefits to the region including improved infrastructure, approximately 210 construction jobs, 150 direct and 85 indirect jobs related to project operations.

Construction of the proposed infrastructure at Port Pirie commenced in July 2019 but following the sale of the Company's iron ore assets in October 2019 has been put on hold.

WPG is committed to working with government, regulatory bodies and the local community to build infrastructure at Port Pirie that meets stringent environmental standards.

WPG will keep the community informed of project progress through the local media, the company’s website (www.wpgresources.com.au) and community information days.



What will the new facility look like?

Detailed design of the facility has yet to be completed. The building is expected to be 27m high - about the height of a three-storey building and be covered in Colorbond sheeting or similar so that it blends in with the surroundings. Landscaping will also be undertaken on the site to enhance the appearance of the structure.

Why Port Pirie?

The Port Pirie site was chosen due to the existing rail access to a wharf suitable for transhipment. Alternative port sites investigated included Port Bonython, Whyalla and Port Adelaide. The Port Bonython option will not be in operation within the foreseeable future.The Whyalla option is not currently available to third party users and there is generally increased distance to rail to the Port Adelaide site.

What are the benefits to the community?

Over $50 million will be invested in construction of the new facilities, which will significantly benefit the local economy through the creation of approximately 150 direct and 85 indirect jobs linked to port operations. The project will also create 210 regional jobs during the construction period. This will inject an estimated $23 million in wages and income into Port Pirie per annum. Project investment in town infrastructure (rail, roads and wharf facilities) will open the town up to new economic opportunities. In addition, skills and training for the project workforce can flow through to other industries and sectors in the local and regional area.

Will there be any environmental impacts?

In line with requirements set down by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), studies were undertaken to identify any potential issues. WPG will take every precaution to ensure stringent environmental standards are met in the design, construction and operation of the facilities. The design of the facility will enable the harvesting of rainwater from the building to limit the use of reticulated water.

Will there be any dust from the proposed facility?

Dust suppression measures will be taken at every step of the process to prevent dust from escaping into the surrounding environment. This is a key focus of the engineering design. Air quality specialists are also reviewing the design and will subsequently prepare appropriate environmental management plans.

What will the noise impacts be?

There will be minimal noise associated with the proposed facility as unloading, storage and ship loading will all occur within enclosed structures. A detailed noise assessment was undertaken as part of the development approval.

Will the proposed facility impact on the marine environment?

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the marine environment is not impacted by the project. A background study of marine ecology and marine water quality was undertaken as part of the development approval process to identify and manage any environmental factors.

Will the new facility have any impacts on soil or water quality?

A soil and water assessment has been undertaken to understand existing site contamination from previous uses and identify and manage impacts on future soil and water quality. Stringent environmental standards will be applied in the excavation, cartage and disposal of any contaminated soil that is extracted from the site.

What will construction of the proposed facility involve?

Construction of the rail extension and upgrade will require excavation to create the train tip pocket, and installation of piles for the shed structure. The storage building and conveyance equipment will be constructed from pre-fabricated materials, and erected by crane on site. There may be some temporary congestion of local roads due to the transport of materials and movement of cranes, and also noise associated with construction. WPG will work with the community and construction crew to ensure that any impacts due to construction works are kept to an absolute minimum. This will include strict adherence to noise control measures, traffic management and limited working hours on site.

Where can I get more information?

To find out more about the Port Pirie project contact:
Larissa Brown: Ph (02) 9251 9251


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