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Northern Gawler Projects

EL 4525 Robins Rise

EL 4907 Lake Woorong



The Robins Rise and Lake Woorong exploration licence areas cover portions of the Palaeoproterozoic Coober Pedy Ridge, an east northeast trending magnetic block of variable magnetic intensity separating the Mount Woods Inlier to the southeast from the Mabel Creek Ridge to the north. These three terranes abut an interpreted Archaean age cratonic area to their south and west. The area contains major regional structures (including the Karari Fault Zone) and is traversed by a several prominent northwest trending structures along which significant thicknesses of Permian sediments have been deposited.

Map Showing Magnetic Image for The Robins Rise & Lake Woorong Areas.

Basement outcrop in the region is generally restricted to the Mount Woods Inlier to the east and southeast of the tenement, and limited outcrop of Gawler Range Volcanics and Archaean Gneisses to the south and southwest of the area.

The metasediments of the Mt Woods inlier are characterised by an intense magnetic response in regional aeromagnetic data, which reflects a combination of magnetite rich precursor sediments including BIFs, magnetite alteration, and interpreted probable mafic intrusive bodies.



Recent non-coal exploration by others was conducted to specifically test for hematite dominant Iron Oxide Copper Gold style mineralisation in an area of the Northern Gawler Craton where little exploration activity has been directed towards this model. Incorporation of the geophysical responses at Prominent Hill and Carrapateena defined areas for detailed gravity coverage which subsequently defined valid drilling targets for hematite dominant mineralised systems. Several of these anomalies were tested with five short drill holes only four of which reached basement. The holes intersected metamorphosed felsic intrusive and metasedimentary rock types overprinted by calc-silicate dominant alteration typical of IOCG terrain and gabbro intrusive amphibolite with retrograde chlorite-pyrite alteration. Only low order sulphide mineralisation was intersected.

WPG considers that in addition to the IOCG potential the Robins Rise and Lake Woorong tenements are also prospective for DSO hematite and BIF magnetite deposits similar to those at Peculiar Knob, Hawks Nest and Cairn Hill. Other targets include magnetite in gneissic metasediments and additional sub-bituminous coal in the overlying younger sedimentary formations.


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